Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coming back for thirds


I have had this grey dress over three years now, and even though it's, as I am wont to say every time I look at it, "so boring and grey," it has gone from something once held up with staples to a wardrobe staple!

Being boring and grey makes it the perfect blank backdrop to colorful accompaniment. The oddly low-cut square neckline, which I saw originally as a liability, is actually the perfect frame for a colorful camisole underneath. I like to pair it with shoes in the same bold color as the top, and silver jewelry. It's something of a formula, and it gets compliments every time. Last time I blogged it, I did it in teal. This time it's fuchsia. 

Because it's January and my pink pumps (it's their first time out; say hello!) aren't nearly as cozy as my old teal boots, I had to cover my legs with some sheer white tights. Another slight variation from last time: then, the jewelry was a matched set. This time, I went with coordinating separates. As my observant photographer noted, the earrings and the necklace both consist of tiered loops, so though they weren't designed to go together, they do!

So, I've done it with teal, and pink, and, somewhat differently, with red. Although the staple-holes are starting to expand and it won't last forever, there's still some life in this easy-to-accessorize dress. Who's taking bets on what color will be its partner next?

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