Friday, January 8, 2016



Well, the green no-longer backless sweater dress has been worn once or twice, and while I really enjoy its graduated colors, I'm just not crazy about the fit.

It's too short to be a dress, but too long to be a shirt, too multi-layered to bunch up neatly, and if I shorten the bottom, I will lose the greenest part of it! What to do? Selling it is certainly an option, but....why not get creative instead and go with a simulated quarter-tuck!

By bunching up just one part of it, I get to preserve the length while disguising the lumps and bumps that arise from having two layers and being too tight in all the wrong places.

To hold the ruched part in place, I used my grandma's not-quite grape-leaf brooch. The dark green nicely offset the pale greens of the shirt, while the copper accents set the stage for brown pants and boots.

I also took advantage of the leaf motif to wear a new pair of green laser cut leaf dangle earrings.

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