Monday, April 4, 2016

Compression Sock Chic: Part 2

Saturday: Underweight farmer

The bar is pretty low for my weekend outfits, which generally consist of jeans, boots, and a shirt, so I didn't imagine I'd have much trouble finding stuff to wear over my compression stockings. But I was wrong. On Saturday I discovered that tight pants are yet another thing you can't wear wear with your medical thigh-highs. If you want to know why, I have four words for you: compression sock muffin top. My bulging thighs were painfully obvious when I tried to wear my skinny jeans, so I went instead for the somewhat too-large brown pants. The entire outfit is almost a wholesale repeat of one I wore about a month ago, right down to the yellow earrings. But fortunately I didn't blog about it then (even though I thought the pairing of the green harlequin sweater with the green gingham shirt was a clever trick), so I was able to wear it a second time without feeling like too much of a fashion failure. On the other hand, I had never before thought that people noticed that my brown jeans are a little too big, but on Saturday, someone commented that I must have lost weight, since I was swimming in my pants. That gave me pause. I may have to rethink those jeans' place in my wardrobe.

Sunday: Free bird

After nearly a whole week of discovering the ever-more-numerous limitations of compression stocking fashion, I was feeling rebellious. You say I can't wear tight pants? I'll show you otherwise! When I put on my stockings this morning, I tried to stretch them as little as possible. I thought if the top edge sat lower on my thigh, it would also sit on a skinnier part of my thigh, which might result in less bulging. And I was right! Over them, I pulled on my beloved pair of kelly green jeggings. Yes, you could still see the lines where the elastic band of the socks held them up, but they were hardly noticeable. I wore those pants because I'd had a hankering for my metallic beige tunic, and the bright green with the pale neutral is a combination that makes me happy...and also happens to provide the perfect backdrop for my green bird necklace!

Monday: Rockstar / CEO hybrid

This outfit is one that I planned before the hint of compression stockings ever crossed my mind. The weather had been warming up, and I'd originally wanted to wear it with nothing on my legs. However, it lent itself well to being paired with my black stockings, so I went ahead with it. At least I had some cute green earrings to wear with this ensemble, because I was feeling pretty severe in my black shirt, black and green lace skirt, black stockings, and black boots—I am learning that black compression socks mean a lot of black-heavy outfits. By this time I had a better idea of what to expect from my compression stockings, but it was still the most nerve-wracking day of the experiment, because I had to go into the clinic for my follow-up. I'm sure they see a lot of compression stockings at the office, and I was worried they would silently judge my choices. Fortunately tomorrow is my last (and only a single-leg) day of compression, at least for a while! 

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