Saturday, April 9, 2016

Teal tunic

This is yet another of the tunics I bought on eBay in January, and it's by far my favorite! It also needed the least alteration—just the removal of the top button loop since the button was missing.

Like all of them, it was a tad too small, but I squeezed myself into it somehow and wore it with plain black leggings. The teal and beige floral pattern on black, combined with the brilliant blue sleeves and trim, are so beautiful by themselves, it doesn't need much more.

I had coincidentally snagged this pair of matching teal flat shoes at Rugged Wearhouse a week or two before, so that's what I wore, feeling color-coordinated and pleased with myself for minding my foot health in the rarely-seen (on me) flats!
Having my hair short has allowed me to be very lazy with it, basically only wearing it in one style (except when I curl it for fancy occasions), but I'm starting to get bored! Today I made an extra effort, putting the sides into twists.