Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gonna be a hoedown

I found this skirt at the thrift store for half off of 4 dollars. The design is a little over-the-top, but over-the-top is what I do best! The construction is a little iffy; it looks homemade and some of the seams are crazily uneven, but I have a special affinity for the other clumsy tailors of the world! And the size is quite a bit too big; I had to reattach most of the waist fastenings at a more optimal spot for my waist, but more fabric means more swish in the skirt! I realized after I took the pictures that I still left too much room in the waist, which makes it look a little dumpy with a tucked-in shirt, so I'll probably alter it again later. But overall, I am pretty pleased with my 2-dollar find. I thought it was a great, somewhat irreverent, thing to wear for fun on a Friday!

One of the things that other fashionistas do, which I'm not good at, is wearing clothes in unexpected combinations—say, sneakers or a T-shirt with a ballgown. Sure, I wear unexpected clothes (wearing a flouncy skirt in a crimson bandanna print to anything other than a square dance is a good example), but I tend to wear them with other clothes that fit a common theme—for example, grandma skirt goes with grandma boots, 90's dress with combat boots, yellow and green pants with yellow and green necklace, and I think you're getting the picture. I don't take many risks with mixing prints or mixing high and low or mixing modern with old. If I were to have a fashion New Year's resolution, it would probably be along the lines of trying to leave my ever-coordinated comfort zone...though it's not like I haven't tried before!

Anyway, this long UnPhilosophical interlude is just something that came to my mind as I realized that the shoes I wore were right along the lines of what you'd expect to see paired with a midi-length circle skirt: white oxfords with a low demure heel. When I think of these shoes, I picture a girl from the 50's, carrying her schoolbooks and about to go to a sock hop! If I hadn't been wearing compression stockings, I would have surely worn bobby socks under these shoes.

And on top, the bow-neck white T-shirt calls to mind a Western aesthetic (string ties, anyone?) which goes along perfectly with my square-dance skirt.

From there on, the little details are all chosen for color coordination—a red necklace and red earrings.

So while this outfit doesn't earn many points for creativity, I still stand by its power to provide fun on a Friday!

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