Saturday, September 28, 2013

Contrasting colors, no way!


My love for colors is well known (funny story—I encouraged one of my coworkers to buy some bright-colored pants he found while we were at Rugged Wearhouse together on lunch break. When he started wearing them to work, my boss told him, "You're turning into Valerie."). However, wearing many colors in the same outfit is not something I often do. I call myself (since about right now) the Queen of Monochrome. Especially when it comes to accessories—I would (almost) never dream of wearing one in a color that couldn't be found somewhere else in my outfit.

That's why, when it occurs to me to wear jewelry in a different color than my clothes, it's a momentous occasion worthy of a whole blog post.

I was all set to pair a pink necklace with this raspberry blouse (inherited from a friend) when I realized I was tired of matching all my colors so meticulously. I was going to wear it with blue, by golly!

So I grabbed my aqua heart earrings (my favorite among the earrings my boyfriend gave me for my birthday—look how they are coated with tiny blue beads that give them a soft misty sparkle!) and a vintage blue-green necklace, and the zigzag shoes that coincidentally have both blue-green and pink, and considered myself a color coordinator with unprecedented courage!

Also, did you notice my hair is curly?

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