Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring / Roll

 With temperatures forecast in the 90's (last week, it was probably the last warm week this year—sigh), I knew I would be dressing light.

This blue, purple, and green sleeveless top hadn't been worn in a while, so I thought I'd wear it with green pants and bring a little springtime vibe to this early September day.

The green capris are fairly new to my collection, mine courtesy of an eBay lot.

Now, wide-leg capri pants are totally out these days, but I love them for their color, and it would be a shame to not wear new clothes just because they're a little out of style.

What is in style is the weird baggy-then-cinched harem pant. Some harem pants are as ugly as sin, but here are a few less-extreme styles that I'd be willing to wear.

I tried to emulate that look with my granny capris, using an age-old trick passed down to me by an ex-boyfriend who grew up in the 80's—hem rolling!

I've tried rolling up my wide-leg pants plenty of time – to avoid dragging them in the mud, to avoid snagging them on a bike chain, etc. – but they've always ended up straightening themselves right out in record time. Turns out the trick to getting your pant legs rolled and keeping them that way is to fold them first!

How to roll your pant legs.

Pinch all the excess fabric in one hand so that the pants fabric is fairly tight around your leg.
Obviously, in this example, the pants are on the ground and not on someone's leg. I hope you can use your imagination.

Keep on pinching.
Holding the pinched spot still, fold the excess material to one side and lay it flat against the pant leg. You will have three layers of fabric folded on top of each other.

Fold up the hem once, about an inch is a good width.

Fold up one more time to lock the folds into position.

Ta da!

Finishing touches:

The night before I wore this, I had a few extra minutes, so I did my toenails to match my shoes. I would only have 3 toes showing, but what the heck, why not? Unfortunately, they apparently weren't completely dry before I went to bed, resulting in the sad smudging you see on my right big toe. But, points for effort? Please?

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