Friday, September 20, 2013

Now without sleeves

Do you know how many T-shirts I've tried to convert into tank tops?

Many. And they've all ended up as resounding failures, despite the neverending stream of YouTube tutorials on just that subject.

Let this post document my first successful foray into T-shirt surgery!

Technically the top I chose to alter wasn't a T-shirt, which might explain my unprecedented success.

I never much liked the sleeves on this top. I felt, as with many shirts, that the sleeves put too much emphasis on the horizontal lines of my shoulders and made me look blocky. Once I got up the courage to put this shirt to the knife, I first attempted to just slit the sleeves to get rid of the shoulder-poof.

 But that didn't work, so I took a deep breath and cut them off entirely.

Instant improvement! I felt ladylike and delicate in my flowing, newly sleeveless garment, rather than like a sturdy piece of playground equipment.

From then on, it was a simple case of shoring up the ragged edges. I just folded them under and affixed them with Res-Q tape, but when I bring this garment out next spring, I'll probably sew them good and proper.

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