Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Into the Melee

So, in an effort to not let my fabulous fashion blog fade into oblivion, I've decided to (1) make a long-term project of improving the blog's design and seriously pursuing self-hosting, (2) build my audience by posting my less terrible photos on more prominent websites, and (3) Start tagging my posts to make them more searchable.

I'm not sure yet how or if I'll really accomplish #3 (there are a lot of old posts I'd have to tag up), but here is the first outfit that will be subject to #2.

It contains nothing new—I've had all the elements for at least a year (save the dress, which is new this summer but already been worn once); I just wanted to share it because I love the combination of a trendy, vibrant dress with an old-school, crisp black and white vest.

I'm also proud of the addition of my green and yellow Cangle, because Cangles are recycled and just awesome!

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