Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good work

The outfit started from the top, with my hair. This was but a day after a deep-conditioning treatment, and it was greasy as sin! The only thing I could do with it was paste it down on my head, twist it into a bun, and pretend I was going for the sleek look.

However, lest anyone think my "sleek" hair was a sign of a retiring or conservative nature, I had to amp up the look with wildly gaudy clothing. Enter the brilliant kelly green jeggings.

Jeggings, ugh! terrible word, useful article. Much like the fanny pack, which I hear is desperately trying to make a comeback! The particular jeggings in question had been sitting in my closet for weeks, making me fear that I had made a bad purchase. Purchase was, by the way, at Rainbow, and price was 7 dollars. I'm so glad I got the chance to finally wear them.

Combined with huge emerald earrings, equally ostentatious green makeup, fuchsia-trimmed sneakers, and sunglasses in three shades of neon, I'm pretty sure my outfit didn't give anyone the impression of retiring or conservative.

My boyfriend wanted to snap a picture of me with this sculpture, and I made sure that, unlike last time, he got the whole outfit! He did great. High-fives all around!

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