Friday, November 18, 2016

B is for Black

For today's outfit, I had just 3 requirements: 1) I'd been wearing skirts and dresses all week, so it had to include pants, 2) it had to use flat shoes (I have this new personal policy of trying to wear flat or low heeled shoes at least two days out of five when I'm at work) and 3) it had to start with the letter B.

I had thought up lots of fashion-related terms for B: Blue (did yesterday), Brogues (don't have), Bold and Bright (cop-outs)...but finally gravitated towards the three neutral color-words: Beige, Brown, and Black. Black is definitely what I have the most of, and it produces the most striking effect when it's the only color you're wearing.

Normally, mostly black clothing casts a literally figurative black shadow on my soul, but when framed as a challenge like: "How many black pieces can I work into one outfit?" it becomes a game!

Let's count:
  1. Black skinny trousers
  2. Black riding boots
  3. Black short-sleeved sweater (short sleeves in November again! But this time it got up to 71 degrees outside, so it was well worth it)
  4. Black long vest
  5. Black sparkly headband
  6. 3 black bangles (Does each bangle count as one item? I should have worn the full set of 8!)
  7. Black seismograph ring

I could have done better if I hadn't left the house without putting on my earrings, which would have been – guess! – black.

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