Tuesday, November 22, 2016

F is for Florals

F is for florals...but not just any florals...fall florals!

I sang the praises of said motif as recently as 3 weeks ago, when I wore this very same blouse. Ordinarily I'd consider today far too soon for a repeat of such a statement-making piece, but for fall florals, which can only be worn about three months out of the year, I'll make an exception.

I tried to change up the look as much as possible for this iteration; I swapped pants for a skirt, brown for red, and boots for flats. I also found in my collection a very coordinating set of earrings, in their own muted shades of green and yellow.

I wore this outfit happily all morning, but when I went to take a bathroom break around 11 o'clock, I discovered to my horror that you could see my black bra right through the shirt! F for fashion fiasco!

I keep a backup stash of clothing at my desk, in case of accidents, spills, and the sudden need to go somewhere unexpected right after work. I don't keep a beige bra in this collection (though I probably should; this is the second time that I've had to dip into my stash and really wished it included a bra), but I do have a black top with a lace short sleeved overlay and a tank-style liner. In my moment of need, I decided to sacrifice the shirt and snip off the overlay so I could layer the liner under my blouse (it was too bulky to just wear the whole shirt underneath).

A second spin in the bathroom mirror revealed my look to be much more office-appropriate. F for Fast Fix!

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