Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I is for Ill

After a 4-day interruption, I restarted my fashion challenge in really impotent form.

Thursday through Sunday, I was on a trip to Florida. I literally spent hours in the car trying to come up with intricate outfit options for the letter I. Every one of my travel buddies offered their ideas, but nothing would work within the limitations of my wardrobe (What!? My wardrobe? Limited? I'm really floored by this revelation). Ironically, I was saved by an icky infection.

All during my vacation, I was aware that a head cold was incipient (travel illness strikes again!), and by the time Monday rolled around, I was undeniably incapacitated. I stayed home instead of returning to work. I thought this extra day of idling around in my un-alphabetic pajamas would give me the ideal opportunity to invent something really inspired, but all my ingenuity was for nought!

As evening waned and my cough increased, I had an insight: If indeed I was going to drag myself into work tomorrow, I was inevitably going to be one miserable soul. Did I have any obligation to make my day even more intolerable by struggling to find something clever to wear? I decided my comfort was more important, so the ideal outfit would be one that accommodated my illness.

That turned out to be my softest, loosest, coziest pair of slacks; an extra-long and stretchy sweater so I could move freely and be spared the inconvenience of constantly adjusting my hem (short-sleeved in case of feverish overheating), another sweater to go over that (in case of feverish chills); and a pair of easy-on, easy-off, low-heeled boots. I forwent any kind of embellishment such as jewelry or makeup, making my outfit the closest thing to pajamas I could probably get away with wearing at the office. So there you have it: what an Unfashionista wears when she's ill!

The connection to the letter I is iffy at best, but I've tried to make up for it by interspersing as many interesting I-words throughout this post as I could imagine. Please don't be irate at me—I'm infirm!

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