Thursday, November 17, 2016

A is for Argyle

No sooner had I realized that I was sick to death of my autumn wardrobe, than I immediately also realized what would help cheer me up: a fashion challenge! Even if I've worn all my transitional garments a hundred times, they'll still feel fresh and fun when they represent a theme! Compression Sock Chic notwithstanding (it doesn't count because it was forced upon me), I haven't issued myself a fashion challenge since 2014, when I attempted to channel 5 countries in 5 days...and failed because one of the days I was sick!

I've been toying for months with the idea of theming a series of outfits around the letters of the alphabet, and now, with nothing to lose except a case of the doldrums, I'm going to go for it! For 26 days, I'll be wearing an outfit that strongly features something beginning with a different letter each day. I may not post every day, and I may postpone a day (life happens, and sometimes funky knee socks have to take a backseat to more practical concerns) but I hereby vow to get through every letter before I quit!

The inaugural outfit of this challenge is built around a pair of blue argyle knee socks. Speaking of challenge, these socks are quite difficult to coordinate. I honestly can't recall if I've ever worn them since the first time I posted an outfit with them nearly 5 years ago—which also happened to be during my first ever published fashion challenge—Unfashion a Day! This might be the last time I wear them, since they're starting to sprout an unmanageable number of loose threads. 

I almost wore them with the same blue shirt I wore them with last time, but it was just too long to look good with the long blue skirt I wanted to pair it with. I gave up on the long blue skirt, switched to a short aqua skirt, found that the hue no longer worked with the original blue shirt, and switched to this blue sweater. A short skirt and short sleeves sound like a terrible choice in November, but I did it for fashion! Fortunately I have a space heater in my office!

When all was said and done, I had a completely tonal outfit in shades of blue and blue-green. Apparently A is also for Aqua!

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  1. M is for Miami! D is for Dolphins! Just in case you need some help in the coming days...