Saturday, November 26, 2016

H is for Hippie

I have a pretty sizeable collection of hippie/gypsy-inspired bohemian clothes, so I decided I could not pass up my chance to wear as many of them as possible for the letter H.

I started with my raggedy blue skirt that came straight from Jayli, a site dedicated to hippie clothes. The skirt came with an "attached shawl" that never fit right, so since I removed it, I have been able to wear it as a head wrap, which is a very hippie thing to do with one's hair anyway.

For my shirt, I went with a gold velvet with a very deep sequined V-neck. Bell sleeves are a common fixture on hippie clothes, so, while the plastic sequins may not be top at any tree-hugger's list, the shirt's overall shape matches the theme.

Plain brown flats were the only suitable footwear for this outfit (except maybe some leather sandals, but November said no).

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