Wednesday, November 23, 2016

G is for Gold

Gold is not just a color, it's also a texture! A shiny, sparkly, shimmery texture that is entirely too flashy for work—especially when work involves a meeting with the boss of your boss! But I really wanted to sparkle on this day before the Thanksgiving holiday, so I decided to go for the gold—sparingly and tastefully, of course! 

I started with a pair of new boots I got for 10$ at Rugged Wearhouse. They're made with metallic thread and glitter for an extra load of sparkle, but I covered them almost all the way up with the legs of my long black pants. In the photo, they look mostly silver, but they were actually a light shade of gold.

On top, I wore a butter yellow sweater (yellow almost equals gold, right?).
What would a gold-themed look be without gold jewelry? I have tons of gold earrings, but instead I decided to go with my smallest pair of gold-colored crystal studs so as not to compete with the necklace. I've had the necklace for ages (like ever since I was a kid) but never worn it for real because it's not quite my style. I thought it would be the perfect accessory for this look because it was a hand-me-down from my Grandma (shout-out to my G-words!). 
One of the two gold rings (the one with the bow) probably came from my grandma as well...but now that I think about it, after a couple decades, I can't quite be sure where either piece of jewelry came from.

Oh well, for the sake of a good solid Letter-G day, I'm going to say definitively that I'm wearing Grandma's Gold.

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