Sunday, January 21, 2018

Embroidered bootcuts

Shortly after I put embroidery patches on my combat boots, the second of my three floral embroidery patches found a new home on a pair of jeans.

Unlike the first one, I specifically recall that I'd ordered the blue-on-blue patch to cover up some unsightly stains on a different pair of boots. I had thought to spruce them up and sell them, but the colors never really looked great together, so instead, I just left them undecorated, and still sold them! This meant I had a lovely blue embroidery patch with nothing to do.

I also had a pair of regular old bootcut jeans that I didn't much care for. The wash was a dingy greyish blue, and the waistband was annoyingly low. Nevertheless, I decided to keep them for crafting experiments. Originally, I'd planned to paint them, but seeing as that ambitious project never got off the ground after several months, I set the bar lower and decided to use them for quick-and-easy iron-on embroidery!

Really, that was all there was to it. I ironed the patch on! Easiest DIY ever!

For their first (and, let's face it, probably only) wear, I paired them with all blue. Blue sweater over blue camisole, blue earrings (not seen in picture because I decided to be subtle for once), and of course, my periwinkle hair!

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