Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Look

The skirt is new(ly thrifted) and very brightly colored, but with its cut and ankle length, it's not exactly at the height of fashion. It's also wrinkled and slightly see-through. For this reason, I had to wear the blouse over it rather than tucked in. Sadly, the blouse is also slightly see-through, and combined with its too-large fit, I ended up looking decidedly frumpy. The only good thing about this outfit is the scarf. I managed to tie it in a cute bow with the tails dangling down to just the right length. If only the blouse had been better-fitting or tucked in neatly. If only I didn't have so many issues with transparency. If only! I would have been the very picture of fashion.
Earlier today, I couldn't wait to ditch this outfit. I told a friend, "I need to shower and change out of my librarian clothes," and for some reason, that changed everything! My outfit was still a little dowdy, but compared to your stereotypical old-fashioned librarian, it was a paragon of boldness! 

I decided I had to blog it, so I tugged the blouse back and hid as much of the extra fabric as I could, to fake a better fit, and took a few pictures! Shhhh! Don't tell everyone my secret for making the frumpiest outfit look photogenic!

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