Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ultra Violet

I am trying to start a tradition. For my first outfit of every new year, I will try to prominently feature Pantone's color of the year. This has proved to be a challenge, since on New Year's Day, I pretty much always feel like wearing nothing more than a warm sweater and some stretchy pants, which does not make for a very blogworthy outfit. Nonetheless, I wore a "Greenery"-esque sweater for 2017, and this year, I'm breaking out the Ultra Violet.

I did not wear it on New Year's Day, because that day was reserved for a pajama brunch, and knowing what you know about my pajama collection, I'm sure you'd understand why I prefer that outfit not get memorialized in photos. But for January second, my triumphant return to both the office and the wearing of nice clothes, after a lazy week-and-a-half holiday, it was Pantone Time!

I had purchased this shirt from Swap.com several months ago; it is one of the many articles in my closet that I haven't yet worn, and I was pretty darn thrilled when I learned in early December that the color of this year was such a perfect match for something new and exciting I already owned. I held it in reserve for the glorious day when it would feature in my first blog post of 2017.

Sadly, when the time came to actually accessorize the shirt for its moment of fame, I found that I didn't have anything else exciting enough to go with it. I wanted to look professional for my first day back to work, so that meant jeans were not an option. I reluctantly chose my slightly-too-large grey slacks to be the unassuming backdrop of this featured color. Fortunately, I have some amethyst jewelry that goes pretty nicely with the shirt, so at least my Ultra Violet outfit was not a one-piece wonder. 

But still, I wasn't content with just a solid purple shirt and an interesting necklace. I wanted a bit of glitz and glamour, which came in the form of my mirrored silver boots. They might be a little too "ultra" and might steal the spotlight from the purple which is the main event, but, hey, it was my first outfit of the new year! I needed it to bring down the house!

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