Friday, January 12, 2018

The temperature is swell, but the earrings are stupendous!

It may be damp and dreary, but look! I'm posing outside in January!
At least once a winter, we are blessed with a warm spell that turns our sad northern landscape into a semblance of spring, and every time, I'm compelled to celebrate like it's never happened before. Apparently, I really like to celebrate this occasion by wearing green pants, since I did it in 2016, and I did it again today.

These are some new pants I got from, one of several straight-legged pairs I purchased to expand my work wardrobe. In an homage to the spring-like weather, I chose a floral color for the top—a purple shade that, sadly, clashes with my hair.

For the shoes, I went with velvet ballet flats that I got for just 5$ at Shoppers World. I haven't been going there much recently, but this shoe purchase reminded me that it's an excellent store for the occasional great bargain!

Although the last two weeks have seen me accessorizing mostly with scarves and necklaces, today I decided instead to go with my old standby—statement earrings.

And what a statement these ones make! Sporting huge plastic gems in every color of the pastel rainbow, and dangling all the way past my collarbones, they are the biggest earrings I've ever worn for this blog (although I do have one bigger pair that I don't think I've ever pictured)! A little outré for the office, but hey, it was a Friday!

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