Friday, January 5, 2018

I refuse to be cowled

I got my first cowl-neck sweater in early 2011.

I had decided that I hated cowl necks pretty much by the end of that same year. The drape is almost always sloppy, rarely flattering, and it utterly precludes wearing both necklaces and long dangling earrings! 
When I acquired a hand-me-down cowl-neck sweater sometime last year, I was tempted to donate it—except I've recently developed a desire to get more tunic-length tops, so I can wear comfy leggings without having to worry about what might be showing—and this one was the perfect long and baggy fit!

Off went the cowl, lickety split!

I lie, of course. First I agonized over the best way to remove the cowl. Should I just cut it shorter and make a sort of mock turtleneck? 
Slice it down the middle for a more standard collar? 
I tried both, and neither satisfied, so finally I just cut several notches down to where it was attached, folded the flaps underneath, and sewed it down.

It's what I would call a temporary solution, since the remaining portions of the original cowl tend to work their way out from underneath, and they'll probably start to fray with time, but at least I can wear it for a while and get a feel for whether it needs any further alteration.

With the cowl removed, my sweater was now ready to wear, not with just a necklace, but the biggest type of neck decoration out there—a scarf! My scarf collection doesn't get a whole lot of use, but I've been really digging this multicolored floral one I got free with a JustFab order. It has so many colors, it basically goes with everything that's monochrome, so I thought it would be great for spicing up the vast expanse of navy blue. While the green boots weren't initially even a contender for wearing with the navy sweater, as soon as I saw how they looked next to the scarf, they became my first choice!

Fur boots, textured leggings, a scarf, and a chunky sweater dress: the perfect cozy combo for this bitterly cold winter weather we've been having!

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