Thursday, December 1, 2016

K is for Knitwear

I was all set to wear a sweater dress and leggings for today's knit outfit, when two fortuitous things happened yesterday: 1) Some work I was having done on the house got pushed forward, forcing me to take the day off work, and 2) I finished converting a pair of regular old sweat pants into some trendy jogger pants. Sweats are knitwear, and the only time I can get away with wearing them is when I'm not at work, so I simply had to do it!

If you haven't been living under a rock, you're probably already aware that athleisure is the fashion wave of the present, and jogger pants are leading the charge. However, if you know me at all, you have probably guessed correctly that athleisure has basically passed me by. I take every opportunity to get dressed up, so going out in my gym or lounge clothes is completely foreign to me. Occasionally I'll duck my head shamefully into the grocery store to grab a few things after a workout, but when I'm dressing to be seen, I am not wearing sweatpants! In other words, I had no idea how to style my new joggers!

A quick search of Lookbook revealed that most fashionable women are wearing their joggers with crop tops, big baggy T-shirts, and leather or denim jackets. Well, I wasn't going to bust out a crop top for winter, but I did happen to have a reasonably baggy T-shirt.

I purchased this royal fox tee in New Orleans, designed by a local artist under the line Cocoally. I got it at a hefty discount because the tee was a misprint, with the colors slightly washed out and, I noticed later, a black ink smudge right under the fox's nose! To help distract people from this flaw, as well as to give my waist some definition, I tied the shirt in a knot above my hip. There—I achieved the crop top look and the baggy-tee look in one! A T-shirt is a knit, so so far I'm two for two.

In lieu of a denim or leather jacket, I opted for my white jacket (but only for keeping warm outside—I don't think it's really strengthens the outfit), which also happens to be a sweatshirt knit—three for three!

For the shoes, I was stumped. I actually do have a couple pairs of shoes that are covered with a knit material, but neither of them looked good with my outfit. If I'd had my druthers, I would have proudly finished off this look with a pair of platform sneakers, but alas, I have none in my collection. Finally, I decided that since I had an overall athletic vibe going, I might as well wear the only pair of sneakers I have that have any knit fabric in them. Check them out—the mesh overlay is a knit! Four for four!

Purple didn't really go with any of the other hues in the outfit, but it didn't really clash either, and purple is the color of royalty, so at least it sort of fit the theme of the T-shirt!

Later, I'll post the step-by-step of how I created my joggers from a pair of old straight-leg sweats.

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