Tuesday, December 6, 2016

O is for Over-the-knee

Today's outfit is all about the boots. Big, tall, in-your-face, over-the-knee boots. I've had a thing for over-the-knee socks and boots for a couple years now. But this year, I decided to make a concerted effort to acquire a solid collection.

There are the black ones that I've had for so many years, they've developed holes in the toes (I've worn them slouched for my blog before, but never in all their thigh-high glory); the brown ones I sang the praises of last fall; another brown pair given to me by a friend (tricky to wear, because you can't bend your legs in them, but I vow you'll see them some day!); the black fur-lined ones (which really aren't thigh-high, though sometimes I unfold the top and try to pretend they are); and now, finally, these beauties.
There's so much to love about these boots. The metal studs remind me of my "rockstar boots," which I loved but which wore out a few years ago. The price was only $6.99 at the thrift store, minus at least a 25% discount, making them an unbelievable bargain.

And finally, they are the tallest boots I've ever had! I was planning to wear over-the-knee socks under my boots, so O-day would not be a one-garment wonder, but the boots were so tall, they completely disguised my socks.

O is for "Oh, well."

I paired the boots with dark clothing and simple pewter earrings so that nothing would overshadow the shoes. After reviewing a few of my photos, I realized the "zipper baby" was none too flattering, so I unzipped the extra-long cardigan for a few more shots. Which way do you think it looked better?


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