Monday, December 5, 2016

N is for New

I skipped alphabet dressing yesterday, because literally the only time I set foot outside my house was when I went to fetch my dog who had escaped the fence. It was a Sunday PJ day for me! But now that it's Monday and back to the daily grind, I'm back to my fashion challenge!

The thing about a fashion challenge (at least for this one) is that you tend to keep using your old clothes, because they're the basics that work in a lot of looks. Since I've started this challenge, I haven't been able to wear anything new (except that one time I tried to make a single sweater carry the whole theme).

Today I decided enough was enough, and I was going to make my whole outfit out of stuff that's new! 

The shoes were a Black Friday deal from JustFab (actually not much of a deal; I paid 4 dollars more than I usually do for flats, but as I keep saying, I think I need to invest more in flat I needed to get my total up to qualify for free shipping).

The skirt and sweater were hand-me-downs (still new to me!).

The necklace was a recent purchase from eBay, which intrigued me with its 3-D layering.
The proportions of the skirt, shirt, and shoes are a little unflattering, but hey! I got to wear four new things in one outfit, which might be a new personal record!

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