Wednesday, December 7, 2016

P is for Pleather

My purple pleather pencil skirt has exceeded all my expectations. I thought I'd wear it once or twice as a novelty, but instead, I just keep finding new ways to style it as a wardrobe staple!

Today, I took advantage of its very vinyl nature and used it as the foundation for a pleather-themed outfit! The only other pleather garment (with its faux-crocodile trim) in my closet is, fortunately, a top, but it's brown, and I wasn't sure how it would coordinate with the purple skirt. Turns out, I needn't have worried—the two pieces made a lovely couple!

There was only one problem: the high waistline of the skirt showed very clearly through the thin tight fabric of the shirt! This flaw was a blessing in disguise, because to hide the visible lump, I was inspired to find yet another pleather piece—a wide elastic belt which not only smoothed my contours, but also added an unexpected bit of flair to the look!

The waist tie that is a fixture on the shirt (pictured here) looked pretty silly dangling out under the belt, so I had to work some magic, weaving it in and out of its moorings, to keep it from showing. The belt also has a tendency to ride up, so overall this is a pretty finicky look that I wouldn't want to repeat on a regular basis—but it's fine for a fashion challenge.

To round out the look, knee-high boots served to keep my legs warm and add to the total amount of pleather in this outfit.

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