Friday, December 2, 2016

L is for Lightning

Still recovering on Thursday evening from my interminable cold, I put minimal effort into finding an outfit for the last day of my week. I rejected "Lace-up" (too casual for work), "Lace" (been there), "Leggings," (done that), "Layers" (too complicated), and finally settled on "Lightning," as it would give me an opportunity to finally wear a piece of my new winter clothing, which I haven't done since I got them out of storage last Sunday!

The piece in question was a pastel orange sweater with a light grey lightning bolt on the chest. I had gotten it last spring in an effort to diversify my wardrobe with more orange and more graphic sweaters. 

Since I have hardly anything else that's orange and nothing else with lightning on it, I was lightning-quick about putting together the rest of the outfit. A pair of grey pants, coordinating grey shoes, and coordinating orange earrings, and I was ready to go to bed! What is L-Day, if not an excuse to be lazy?

Since this Fashion Challenge has encouraged me to get quite silly with my pictures...

Blinded by the lightning!

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