Saturday, December 17, 2016

X is for X-mas


Thank you, endless holiday parties, for legitimizing my excessively seasonal outfit choice today!

There's nothing explicitly Christmasy about it, just a lot of green and red, which ordinarily I wouldn't wear together.

The whole reason for the outfit's being is the shoes, which I purchased on eBay for around 10 dollars. I was so excited when I saw such unique shoes at such a unbeatable price! There were many color choices, but I went with green because I had been wanting some green flats. I neglected to consider how being emblazoned with a huge red flower might diminish the coordinate-ability of the shoes, but once I got them, that problem came perfectly clear. I've owned the shoes for a couple of months and only today finally was able to wear them.

I happened to have a green sweater that almost perfectly matches the green in the shoes, so I wore that, along with a pair of dark jeans because it's Friday (lately, in kind of a backflip, I've been all about wearing jeans at the office whenever possible. I guess it gets old trying to make skirts work in winter)!

Red jewelry rounded out the outfit—I wore an embellished metal bracelet and a crimson beaded necklace. My favorite subtle touch was the millefiori earrings, which I've had for ages but usually only get out at Christmas time.

Bonus! In the evening, I went to another party—a holiday gala, where I kept the green and red theme, but toned it down for the more sophisticated occasion.

A black dress with a burgundy bodice provided the red (I also saw fit to choose a dress with X's in its construction), while my pale green clutch bag (and my hair) provided the green. Wishing my green and red to be so subtle as to almost go unnoticed, I went minimal with my jewelry, only wearing a tiny peridot necklace and even tinier stud earrings. Sorry, they're so subtle you can't really appreciate them in the picture, but in my haste to get ready, I forgot to get any closeup shots.

You my loyal readers, are the only people to ever see this outfit, because the venue for the holiday gala was so cold that I never took off my coat the entire night! What a waste of a beautiful X's for X-mas dress!

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