Saturday, December 10, 2016

R is for Refashioned

Every element in my outfit today is refashioned in some way.

The blouse is my most recent project, created from a men's work shirt.

The pants I got in somewhat unwearable condition from the kids' department at the thrift store. After re-coloring the faded knees and moving the button for a better fit, they have served me well many a time.

The boots are a new refashion and still haven't been posted on this blog! They started as a pair of mid-calf slouch boots, but the fake leather began peeling after only a few wears. While I tried to disguise the flaky spots with paint, soon even that wasn't enough to keep them presentable, so I decided to cut off the slouchy tops and turn them into ankle boots. The entire process will be documented in a future post, now that they've had their big reveal!

Lastly, the earrings – not that you can see them in any detail since my photographer always forgets to zoom in, but I guess we can't complain about free labor – are the ones I made from a geode. Strictly, they aren't "re-fashioned," just "handmade" ... but since the chains used in them came from a different piece of jewelry, I guess they can kind of count!

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