Sunday, December 4, 2016

M is for Metallic

Saturday was a special day because I got to wear two outfits — one for running errands in the morning, and one for a party at night — and both of them fit my theme of metallic!

In the morning, I went mostly with gold. I already did one whole outfit for gold, but there's plenty more gold where that came from! I wore my gold embellished flat shoes, my gold tunic sweater (not pictured, but you've seen it before), gold hoop earrings, and over it all, a copper trench coat.

In the evening, I went for another kind of metallic—silver. My purple dress with the metallic threads seemed perfect for a semi-casual holiday party. Working in as much silver as possible, I also wore silver glitter shoes and silver earrings. I even got my makeup into the action, with metallic purple eyeshadow and silver tips on my lashes.

I had intended to wear a silver scarf as well, but in my haste to be on time, I forgot it. Oh, well, live and never learn.

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